algo que le encantara a muchísimas personas, entre ellas me encuentro y este emulador de amibos para la nintendo switch que tal como su nombre lo indica es un emulador de estas figurillas para nuestras consolas con cfw, que nos permitirá usar todos los amibos existentes solo con ponerlos en nuestra memoria sd y no tener que recurrir a crear las tarjetas nfs o los gestores externos de amibo

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credit @Dave Devil’s#9555 on Discord HBG/Homebrew Amii-Spoofer:

# Amii-Spoofer 0.4.1 Emulate NFC bin file in your Switch without NFC ! (Amiibo-Spoofer)

**NOTE:** * This project is in an early stage. The code may change frequently. * In the actual state, NFC(amiibo) with DATA (like Smash Bros game) will not read correctly (not finish !)

# Usage

1. Copy to Your SD-CARD the KIP (you need ReiNX – i not have test on Athmosphere/Kosmos).

2. Enable the Kip and Reboot your CFW.

3. Put your other Amiibo on /amiibo/ , and rename it amiibo.bin. – (Or use my Amii-Swapper)

4. Launch your game, when the game ask for push your Amiibo, UP one of your Joystick. (Left joystick OR Right joystick)

5. Your amiibo and Nfc module will be emulated 🙂 ! # Change-Log – Emulated NFC is automatised now, that will break the original function (remove the kip for use real amiibo).

– No more log for public version.

– Fix compatibility with FTP kips. (You can use it for change amiibo)