Guillem96 lana la version v0.3 de su gestor de payloads para nintendo switch, el Argon NX 


Assets in release

  • argon-nx.bin: ArgonNX payload ready to inject it via TegraGUI or TegraSmash.
  • Fully functional ArgonNX example.


  • Minerva training
  • Custom background and title

Includes the following CFW with custom logos

  • Hekate 4.6
  • ReiNX 2.0
  • Atmosphere 0.8.3
  • SXOS (You need to use your licence)


  1. Download argon-nx.bin
  2. Download and unzip directly to your sd card root.
  3. Inject argon-nx.bin using TegraGUI, Trinkedm0 or any modchip or dongle.

Changelog v0.3

  • Now background must be in a vertical position. New background size must be smaller or equal than 720×1280. (Performance reasons)
  • Using double buffering for rendering in order to avoid flickering and also improve performance.
  • Fully touch support. Thanks to @pixel-stuck
  • Now payloads are sorted by name.
  • Correctly deallocate argon-nx from memory when launching payloads.
  • Improve system stability to enhance user experience.

Check for more details