El desarrollador Root-MtX nos trae una nueva actualización de este programa que nos permite convertir nuestro home brew en formato NRO. a uno instalable NSP para ejecutarmente desde el menu de nuestras consolas Nintendo Switch

ENLACE DIRECTO: https://github.com/Root-MtX/Nro2Nsp/releases

v3.3.2 Stable

  • Added “Custom Keys Path” to load keys from your own path
  • Fixed keys file missing error from Resources folder
  • (Keys.dat, Keys.txt, and prod.keys) now all supported
  • Added Help icons on main page and settings page for help with use/settings
  • Added “Key Generation” setting in Settings menu
  • Added LinkLabel theming
  • Fixed “Settings.xml” loading error
  • Added “Icon Database” LinkLabel to community collection link
  • Removed “Old Style Title Id” From setings
  • Updated Keys Template file
  • Added delcared path checking on the app side

Plus the addtion of the following beta features